We specialise in assisting charities of all types to meet all regulatory requirements imposed on these types of organisations.

Our service starts from the first meeting to explore the aims of each individual or group. We help to advise on the type of organisation that is right for the new charity. Normally the simplest form is a charitable trust, but it may also appropriate to establish a company limited by guarantee depending on the nature of the charitable enterprise.

We also advise on all aspects of the registration process. Our expertise will help ease the burden of complying with all of the steps required by the Charity Commission. We have links with banks that will help in opening the bank accounts and we are aware of a number of agents who assist with criminal record checks (CRB) that are essential if the charity is to work among children or vulnerable adults.

Once the charity has been formed we are able to help with Gift Aid claims (refunds of taxpayers income tax on donations), annual returns and the annual accounting compliance which may take the form of an independent examination or audit depending on the size of the total income of the organisation.

On an ongoing basis a further aspect of our work is to assist trustees meet their obligations. We have particular experience in training trustees in performing their role.

We advise charities and churches across a wide spectrum. Many small charities operate to support workers involved in a small ministry or working amongst a local community or specific project. Larger churches require advisers who can give business advice to deal with the commercial aspects of music and media sales and many of these have trading subsidiaries for this purpose which need to meet other tax and accounting requirements.

We provide personal taxation services to pastors, missionaries and other full time workers.