Business Startup

Many of our clients have been with us since the start of their business. We can offer comprehensive advice in relation to the steps to be taken, the sources of funding and the initial requirements of payroll, tax and VAT. We have a manual which may be of assistance to the start-up entrepreneur.

Business management

Business performance management is an important facility that we offer clients. This benchmarks the performance of certain measures such as gross profit, and various other ratios to industry norms. This is crucial analysis assist businesses to focus resources in the areas of their business that has the most impact to their profitability and competitive performance.

Taxation Planning

With the multiplicity of tax regulations and their constantly changing nature, it is important for clients to receive up to date timely advice. We subscribe to a number of services to enable us to provide such advice. We can provide support for the preparation of personal and business tax returns which can be filed by us online. We can undertake annual payroll P35 preparation and submission. We can provide forecasts for tax payable and dates of payment for the current period and for future years. With the continuing complexity of VAT we can give advice on registration, de-registration and operation. In the event of a complex issue arising we have access to specialists in the fields of taxation and VAT who can provide further assurance, if required.

Finance Director Role and Funding Applications

We can serve our clients with a part time Finance Director function. This enables them to defer such an appointment until they have grown to the necessary size to merit such an appointment. However, the invaluable advice of analysis, reporting and forecasting can be made available especially to executives who may not have a financial background. This is potentially important in securing bank, head office and other forms of finance where the funding body is looking for assurance that they will be funding an organisation that is financially secure and can provide the necessary accurate and timely reports to their management. We have a strong record in supporting our clients in this necessary aspect of their growth.

Training and facilitation

We have experience in facilitating management sessions aimed at determining the vision and objectives of the business. An external facilitator adds to the process by referencing ideas and strategies to other businesses in the same sector. We also offer training particularly to our charity clients, where induction to the roles and responsibilities of trustees and their obligations under the Charities Act is an important grounding in this specialist area.

Business Plans

There are many models for a business plan but we believe that only the best will suffice. Therefore our plans include an executive summary, full analysis of product, services, personnel markets and competition, together with strength and weaknesses analysis. We believe the financial projections should support the narrative and not vice versa. They should include turnover and profit projections by product and sector, overheads analysis, effect of taxation, and profits available for re-investment and distribution. The balance sheet should integrate with the profit report and a cash flow projection should clearly set out the sources and usage of funds. We can provide a pro-forma business plan for use if required.